INLG 2014: Program

Thursday, June 19, 2014
10:30-12:00    Registration - Mezzanine Foyer
12:00-13:00    Boxed Lunch and Sponsorship Presentations - Junipers Ballroom
13:00-13:10    Opening Remarks - Salons I/II
Meg Mitchell, David McDonald, Kathy McCoy
13:10-14:10    Paper Session 1: Opening and Tailoring Text to an Application - Salons I/II
Chair: Kristina Streigritz, Union College
13:10-13:30    A Case Study: NLG meeting Weather Industry Demand for Quality and Quantity of Textual Weather Forecasts
Somayajulu Sripada1, Neil Burnett2, Ross Turner2, John Mastin3, Dave Evans3
1Arria NLG Plc and University of Aberdeen, 2Arria NLG Plc, 3Met Office
13:30-13:50    PatientNarr: Towards generating patient-centric summaries of hospital stays
Barbara Di Eugenio1, Andrew Boyd1, Camillo Lugaresi2, Abhinaya Balasubramanian1, Gail Keenan1, Mike Burton1, Tamara Goncalves Rezende Macieira1, Jianrong Li1, Yves Lussier3
1University of Illinois at Chicago, 2N/A, 3University of Arizona
13:50-14:10    Using Conceptual Spaces to Model Domain Knowledge in Data-to-Text Systems
Hadi Banaee and Amy Loutfi
Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems, Örebro University
14:15-15:25    Paper Session 2: Special Joint Session with SIGDIAL - Junipers Ballroom
Chair: Kathy McCoy, University of Delaware
14:15-14:35    Modeling Blame to Avoid Positive Face Threats in Natural Language Generation
Gordon Briggs and Matthias Scheutz
Tufts University
14:35-15:00    Generating effective referring expressions using charts
Nikolaos Engonopoulos and Alexander Koller
University of Potsdam
15:00-15:25    Crowdsourcing Language Generation Templates for Dialogue Systems
Margaret Mitchell, Dan Bohus, Ece Kamar
Microsoft Research
15:30-16:00    SIGDIAL/INLG Panel - Junipers Ballroom
Chair: Helen Hastie, Heriot-Watt University
16:00-18:00    SIGDIAL/INLG Poster Session with coffee (Posters/demos at bottom) - Mezzanine Foyer
19:00-22:00    SIGDIAL/INLG Banquet - Joy Tsin Lau
Friday, June 20, 2014
9:20-10:35    Paper Session 3: Sentence-level Decisions - Salons I/II
Chair: Michael White, The Ohio State University
9:20-9:45    Text simplification using synchronous dependency grammars: Generalising automatically harvested rules
Mandya Angrosh and Advaith Siddharthan
University of Aberdeen
9:45-10:10    A language-independent method for the extraction of RDF verbalization templates
Basil Ell and Andreas Harth
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
10:10-10:35    An ACG Analysis of the G-TAG Generation Process
Laurence Danlos1, Aleksandre Maskharashvili2, Sylvain Pogodalla3
1University Paris Diderot, 2LORIA/INRIA, 3LORIA/INRIA Nancy-Grand Est
10:35-11:05    Poster Session and Coffee Break - Mezzanine Foyer
11:05-12:15    Business Meeting - Salons I/II
Chair: Meg Mitchell, David McDonald, Kathy McCoy
12:15-13:45    Lunch - Salons III/IV
13:45-15:20    Invited Talk - Salons I/II
Chair: David McDonald
13:45-15:20    Generating Different Tellings of Stories and Answers to Questions from Narrative Representations
Marilyn Walker, University of California Santa Cruz
15:20-15:50    PM Break - Ballroom Foyer
15:50-17:00    NLG Idol - Salons I/II
Chair: Kathy McCoy
David McDonald presented:
John Henry Clippinger Jr., "Speaking with Many Tongues: Some Problems in Modeling Speakers of Actual Discourse". Proceedings of Theoretical Issues in Natural Language Processing (TINLP) 1975.

Michael White presented:
Günter Neumann and Gertjan Van Noord, "Self-Monitoring with Reversible Grammars". Proceedings of CoLING 2012.

Kristina Striegnitz presented:
Montfort, Nick., "Natural Language Generation and Narrative Variation in Interactive Fiction". Proceedings of the Twenty-First AAAI 2006 Computational Aesthetic Workshop.
Saturday, June 21, 2014
9:00-10:30    Invited Talk - Salons I/II
Chair: Meg Mitchell
9:00-10:30    Large-scale Paraphrasing for Natural Language Generation
Chris Callison-Burch
10:30-11:00    AM Break - Ballroom Foyer
11:00-12:30    Paper Session 4: Summarization - Salons I/II
Chair: Advaith Siddharthan, University of Aberdeen
11:00-11:25    A Template-based Abstractive Meeting Summarization: Leveraging Summary and Source Text Relationships
Tatsuro Oya, Yashar Mehdad, Giuseppe Carenini, Raymond Ng
University of British Columbia
11:25-11:50    A Hybrid Approach to Multi-document Summarization of Opinions in Reviews
Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio1, Amanda Stent2, Robert Gaizauskas3, 2Yahoo! Labs, 3University of Sheffield
11:50-12:15    Adapting Graph Summaries to the Users’ Reading Levels
Priscilla Moraes, Kathy McCoy, Sandra Carberry
University of Delaware
12:15-12:30    Closing Remarks
Meg Mitchell, David McDonald, Kathy McCoy
Thursday, June 19, 2014 16:00-18:00
Thursday, June 19 16:00-18:00; Friday June 20 10:35-11:05    Poster/Demo Session
   Long Paper Posters
   Experimental Design to Improve Topic Analysis Based Summarization
John Miller and Kathleen McCoy
University of Delaware
   Towards a Description of Symbolic Maps
Rumiya Izgalieva1, Daniel Vale2, Elisa Vales1
1Universität Bremen, 2SFB/TR8 Spatial Cognition
   Adapting SimpleNLG for Brazilian Portuguese realisation
Rodrigo de Oliveira1 and Somayajulu Sripada2
1University of Aberdeen, 2Arria NLG Plc and University of Aberdeen
   Generating Summaries of Line Graphs
Priscilla Moraes, Gabriel Sina, Kathy McCoy, Sandra Carberry
University of Delaware
   Two-Stage Stochastic Email Synthesizer
Yun-Nung Chen and Alexander Rudnicky
Carnegie Mellon University
   Short Paper Posters
   A Framework for Health Behavior Change using Companionable Robots
Bandita Sarma1, Amitava Das1, Rodney Nielsen2
1University of North Texas, 2University of North Texas ; University of Colorado
   Classifiers for data-driven deep sentence generation
Miguel Ballesteros, Simon Mille, Leo Wanner
Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona
   Determining Content for Unknown Users: Lessons from the MinkApp Case Study
Gemma Webster, Chris Mellish, Somayajulu G. Sripada, Rene Van der Wal, Koen Arts, Yolanda Melero, Xavier Lambin
University of Aberdeen
   FlowGraph2Text: Automatic Sentence Skeleton Compilation for Procedural Text Generation
Shinsuke Mori1, Hirokuni Maeta2, Tetsuro Sasada1, Koichiro Yoshino1, Atsushi Hashimoto1, Takuya Funatomi1, Yoko Yamakata1
1Kyoto University, 2
   Generating Annotated Graphs using the NLG Pipeline Architecture
Saad Mahamood, William Bradshaw, Ehud Reiter
Arria NLG plc
   Generating Valence Shifted Turkish Sentences
Seniz Demir
   Latent User Models for Online River Information Tailoring
Xiwu Han1, Somayajulu Sripada1, Kit Macleod2, Antonio Ioris3
1University of Aberdeen, 2The James Hutton Institute, 3University of Edinburgh
   Multi-adaptive Natural Language Generation using Principal Component Regression
Dimitra Gkatzia, Helen Hastie, Oliver Lemon
Heriot-Watt University
   TBI-Doc: Generating Patient & Clinician Reports from Brain Imaging Data
Pamela Jordan1, Nancy Green2, Chistopher Thomas1, Susan Holm1
1University of Pittsburgh, 2University of North Carolina Greensboro
   Towards Surface Realization with CCGs Induced from Dependencies
Michael White
The Ohio State University
   Two-Stage Stochastic Natural Language Generation for Email Synthesis by Modeling Sender Style and Topic Structure
Yun-Nung Chen and Alexander Rudnicky
Carnegie Mellon University